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February 24, 2010

ATSC: Evil Men In Britain

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ATSC is a company based out of Britain that ostensibly produces a bomb detector. It is headed by one Jim McCormick. What they actually produce is absolutely nothing whatsoever. Their product, the ADE 651, is nothing. It is a plastic chunk with a car antenna attached. It was developed by Jim McCormick, a man with “no scientific or technical background” according to The Times. It’s almost adorable. The man is selling something that uses the same car antenna as your ’91 Toyota Tercel and openly admits he doesn’t have any training whatsoever in science or engineering or anything. He’s obviously biting off more than he can chew by trying the “dowsing rod” trick on national governments. You’d think, that, at least.

He’s already sold $80 million worth of this plastic hunk of useless to the Iraqi government. By now even reading the word Iraq should conjure up images of explosions in your head, so you can imagine how much they need working bomb detectors. Since it started being used at checkpoints, the ADE 651 has caused hundreds of deaths in Iraq. “On October 25 suicide bombers drove through checkpoints that were equipped with the detectors and blew up three government ministries, killing 155 people” again according to The Times.  According to the Asia Sentinel Jim McCormick has also sold $15 million worth of dowsing rods to the Thai government, which has insisted that it will keep using them and that they are effective tools even though nothing has been able to back up any claim made about them. It’s like the original German version of the Emperor’s New Clothes, which I imagine also ends in bloodshed.

The worst part is that Jim McCormick, a man whose con has caused hundreds of deaths and counting, faces absolutely no criminal charges at the moment. A civil suit is being filed in Iraq, at least.

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