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February 26, 2010

New Bill in Utah May Outlaw Misscarriages

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The Utah legislature has introduced a bill that would classify miscarriage, with some exceptions, as murder. It would classify miscarrying twins as Aggravated Murder, which carries the death penalty. Now, leaving aside that “aggravated murder” sounds like something you do to mosquitoes, I find that incredibly odd.

The proposed bill would require women who miscarry to prove that they were covered under the exceptions, or be prosecuted for murder.

—–(3) A person is not guilty of criminal homicide of an unborn child if the sole reason
69——for the death of the unborn child is that the person:
70——-(a) refused to consent to:
71———-(i) medical treatment; or
72———-(ii) a cesarean section; or
73——-(b) failed to follow medical advice.
74–(4) A woman is not guilty of criminal homicide of her own unborn child if the death of
75——her unborn child:
76——-(a) is caused by a criminally negligent act of the woman; and
77——-(b) is not caused by an intentional, knowing, or reckless act of the woman.

So it seems like they’re attempting to make induced miscarrying illegal. I suppose this is designed to combat the growing scourge of women getting themselves pregnant, waiting a few months, and then brutally abusing themselves in order to lose the child and make the Utah legislature cry. The bill does make exceptions that cover a woman not wanting certain treatment. But note also that it makes exceptions only if the miscarriage is “not caused by an intentional, knowing, or reckless act of the woman”. Now, leaving aside that this bill does nothing to prevent men from forcing a woman to miscarry, what constitutes “reckless”?

Would a woman who had wine in the first week of pregnancy be convicted of murder when she miscarries?

If the Utah legislature wants there to be fewer miscarriages in Utah, they should expand prenatal care, particularly to lower income women who might be desperate for the extra help. Education and assistance with state resources will waste less money and destroy fewer lives than threatening women with life in prison or death should they not lay in bed the entire nine months of their pregnancy.

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