Trouble Thinking

April 5, 2010

So You Enjoy Laughter and Hearing Things?

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You will enjoy The Bugle!

Screaming Britons! How can you deny them?

British as all get out.

The Bugle is the world’s only audio newspaper, run by John Oliver (of Daily Show fame) and Andy Zaltzman (of being mentioned just now fame). It’s a podcast available on the Times Online, a newspaper which I am aware of only because that is where I can find the Bugle and real news stories. Stories like a full forty minutes devoted to that kid in England who painted a giant wang on his roof while his parents were away. The best part is that the Bugle has been running for a while now, so you have hundreds to go through if you don’t mind slightly stale news.

It is basically the only podcast I follow because it is the only one that any human ever needs.

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