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April 9, 2010

The Job Market Just Got Awesomer: Velociraptor Job Interview Simulator Pro

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As we are all aware, it’s a tough job market out there. But have you stopped to consider how much harder it is for dinosaurs? Faced with prejudice in and out of the work place, some of these brave and noble creatures are forced to go “incogdino” in order to make it in the business world. Hiding their light under a bushel and consuming live cows under that bushel.

Finally, some one is brave enough to tell these stories. In a bold move, a Mr. LaCabra has decided that a game is the best format to truly involve the passive audience in the struggle for dignity. Hopefully it will be released soon, but it’s already looking quite impressive for a charitable work done by a very small team.

The face of bravery

Velociraptor Job Interview Simulator Pro will make you ashamed, but will also make you think.

Preliminary images below the cut:

So brave. So brave.

Forced to work in substandard conditions just to pay for the shirt on his back.

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  1. I for one applaud the work being done here, and this blog for helping spread the word.

    Comment by taekwondogirl — April 12, 2010 @ 12:48 pm

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