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May 4, 2010

Blur: Mario Kart, Only No Really It Is Mario Kart.

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Blur is a new racing game for 360 that looks good. It is also Mario Kart. Some things about it are different, but not enough to change the fact that I finally get to play Mario Kart again!

4-player Splitscreen!

Seriously, though the Powerups:

Nitro (speed mushroom)

Shunt (red shell)

Bolt (3 green shells)

Lightning (lightning)

Mine (mine)

Barge, Shield, and Repair I don’t remember from Mario Kart, Barge hits people nearby and Shield and Repair basically just mean you can avoid crashing easier. That’s probably the biggest difference I notice playing: nothing always hits. Everyone can, if they’re careful, avoid any given attack powerup somehow. That means that almost always the best driver wins. So it doesn’t have many of those come-from-ridiculously-behind-you-god-damn-jerk victories that your stupid cousin makes because of beginners goddamn luck.

Also the cars are suuuper boring but I mean I guess they’re going for a non-kart look. Which is good, because every other game that tries that inevitably screws up and doesn’t give me Mario Kart. So go download the multiplayer beta on XBox Live and play me online and tell me how handsome I play.

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