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May 5, 2010

Humble Indie Bundle: Pay Whatever You Feel Like for 5 Games and also 2 Charities

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So, if you’re like me you download the occasional indie game, play through the demo, and then immediately shut it off when the “buy the full game” screen comes on. Maybe you flip off the screen when you do that, I don’t know you.

Well now you can finally pay indie developers exactly what they deserve! Which is to say, whatever you feel like. And they have to take it. The Humble Indie Bundle is offering 5 games for $whatever. And even better, you can donate any portion of your payment to either the Electronic Frontier Foundation, brave defenders of electro-liberty and BoingBoing fodder or Child’s Play, the charity that gives kids games they will actually enjoy Toys for Tots that’s right TroubleThinking is brave enough to call out Toys for Tots.

So what do you actually get?

World of Goo: Wicked fun, kind of weird tower-building game. Basically you use a bunch of little balls of tar to put together a tower/bridge/whatever to get them to the other side of a level. The hard part is that you have to deal with tension and suchlike, so you need to make things structurally sound. It’s like that one time in elementary school you made a toothpick bridge only the toothpicks are sentient balls of tar stretched out of a frog’s tongue.

Just like elementary school science!

Aquaria: I know basically nothing about this, because I totally flipped off the screen when the demo ended. But a bunch of people say it’s one of their favorite games so maybe I was just unable to see the greatness. I will attempt once more and only once. It seems like it’s basically Mario underwater levels but better and you’re a mermaid and you can use magic.

Unfortunately, It's too zoomed out to tell if she's sexy.

Gish: Has the worst website anyone has ever conceived. But don’t let that distract you! The game is pretty fun. You play a ball of tar that can either be sticky, slippery, bouncy, or heavy. Then you use all that to do various things. Like bounce up to the ceiling and stick to it to get to an area or whatever. It’s pretty impressively fun and inventive, also very pretty.

Indie developers find tar fascinating.

Lugaru: Is a weirdly realistic game about anthropomorphic bunny rabbits fighting each other. It has a great combat system that can take a bit to learn, but allows you to rabbit kick a dude, flip off him and toss a knife into the guy next to him, land and catch the leg of the dude you land next to, then wall-kick him into a ravine. It manages to create awesome action sequences basically no matter what you do.

Watership Down, but way more awesome.

Penumbra Overture: Episode 1: Honestly sounds like a bad joke. But it’s not a joke! It’s a very atmospheric physics puzzle adventure game. “Atmospheric” means “really frightening”. It’s sort of vaguely Lovecraftian/Poe…ian. Protagonist finds dark secret while investigating death of estranged parent. You crawl around trying to get all of the things you need to survive and hiding from scary things. And if you donate anything at all to the Bundle, you can grab the rest of the series for $5, which isn’t bad at all.

Oh no! Look out!

So go out and grab this thing. It’s only $whatever, and these games are pretty sweet. The charities: also pretty sweet. It’s a pretty sweet deal!


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