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May 21, 2010

Blur TV Spot Tries To Make You Forget It Is Mario Kart (Yet Only Serves To Remind You).

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So I like Blur a lot, I got a surprising amount of time in on the multiplayer beta, and I already told you fools to sign up for it (which you didn’t, if I know my audience[my audience consists primarily of fools]).

But the reason I like Blur is because it reminds me in almost every way of Mario Kart. Same power-ups, same focus on drifting and never ever letting the accelerator up, and same general infinitely repeatable fun. The reason I’m excited for it is that it looks to add a sheen of new multiplayer features and it’s basically the only game I can play with actual real-life people in the same room this generation. Which makes it seem funny to me that their first major TV spot will be this:

Big Boy racing is super boring guys, I like your game because it isn’t Project Gotham or Dirt or whatever the hell. I like Blur because it has floating powerups and I can shoot the cars in front of me. The only thing that would have made Blur better would have been ditching the realism for something more interesting. I cannot tell you how much harder I would have bought a game that had say, upgradable “Death Race” looking supercars.

That said, I can see why it’s an effective ad. Anything that links the halcyon days of playing Mario Kart to your game is good. It also sets them apart from Modnation Racers, the other new Kart Racer that looks to be even more staunchly a Mario Kart rip-off, but is trying to differentiate itself by allowing players to create and edit tracks and player/car models.

Plus, I think I heard somewhere that people love it when you call them big old crying babies.

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