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July 31, 2010

Starcraft 2 First Impressions

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First off, I am almost certain I’m actually 12 again now. Only everything is even better, and I have hair down there that confuses me.

Starcraft 2 is a great update, and anyone who enjoyed the original will enjoy this. But you already knew that.

The more important part about it is that Starcraft 2 is easily the most accessible RTS I’ve ever seen. It’s got a great single-player campaign (so far), that takes time to develop unique scenarios and teach you to use specialized units in a variety of situations. Additionally, it has challenges specifically designed to teach you effective techniques for multiplayer, as well as a simple interface for AI practice and a scorekeeping mechanism that makes it a little more fun to see if you can defeat four hard AI with one of your friends or whatever. The game still gears itself to high-level play online (seriously, it’s a national sport in Korea), but it’s much more open to the idea that you might not leap into the deep end day 1 than I was willing to hope.

I don’t recommend all that many games. Seriously! Check the archive. But Starcraft 2 is a great game to try out even if you’re not a particularly strident gamer. It’ll give you a good run-down of what an RTS is, and why they can be very fun (or, if you’re not into it: why you hate them).

There’s a 7-hour demo that you can get if one of your friends gives you a little code. So ask the dorkiest person you know, they’ll have one if you feel like trying.


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