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August 21, 2010

How to Fix Red Hulk

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Okay for the non-comics readers: Hulk is a big green dude who is angry and hits stuff, Red Hulk is a big red dude who has been one of the silliest, worst written characters in recent history. Basically a “NUH UNH MY GUY IS INFINITY PLUS ONE STRONG” sort of thing.

Comics, they’re not always boss. Sometimes they’re ridiculous.

But there is a simple, simple way to fix Red Hulk:


Seriously. The dude who turns into Red Hulk is (twiiiiist alert) General Ross, who possesses a righteous ‘stache. Therefore, Red Hulk must have one. FIXED.

Also Munch is a pretty decent artist with excellent ideas about various comic-related story-lines.

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