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September 22, 2010

Bioshock Infinite: Okay, Okay. I’m Interested.

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So, Persekore just got through with the game Bioshock and revealed her initial impressions a little while back.

I had a great time with Bioshock myself, back when normal good people played it several years ago. I had so much fun that Bioshock 2 was something I really looked forward to for a while. What new cool thing would they try? Would the endings of the previous game be the basis for the next? Would they improve upon the aspects of the first game that I didn’t dig as much? Would you actually touch water for more than 2 seconds?

The answer was “No, no. Bioshock 2 will basically be the same exact thing.” That just doesn’t interest me. Bioshock was a good game, but I don’t need another 10 hours of the same thing.

My opinion of the recently announced Bioshock: Infinite was basically the same. Another shooter with powers and an emphasis on dramatic presentation of a story focusing on the decay of a nigh-mystical city founded on a certain operating philosophical principle? Same song, different verse.

Okay, so now you’re running around on a floating zeppelin-powered city apparently populated by American Manifest Destiny xenophobes built around the turn of the century as a sort of clockwork Death Star… that’s … that’s actually kind of cool.

And I guess the new Big Daddy is just another big hulking dude except this one is a giant steampunk cyborg man who looks like a cross between a robot, a gorilla, and an old carnival strongman with an amazing moustache… that’s… that’s sort of excellent.

But what really sold me on the idea was this 10-minute long preview of the gameplay. Is it the same style of game, down to having more than a few of the same exact magic power things for the main character to do? Yes. Is the style so similar that you’d think the games were made simultaneously as some sort of “make a political allegory in an FPS” competition? Yes.

Does it look really cool? Good lord yes.

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  1. Yeah, like we’ve talked about, I think if you’re going to do a sequel to Bioshock, this is the way to do it. I think it would really behoove more franchises to go the “Final Fantasy” route, with multiple games with similar themes and styles, but no relation plot-wise.

    I haven’t watched any videos, or read any previews past the initial announcements, because I want everything to be as fresh as possible for me when I first play it. That being said, from what little I have seen, I am very much looking forward to this.

    Comment by Chris — September 22, 2010 @ 6:19 pm

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