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November 11, 2010

There’s Always a New Way to Waste Time: The KoL Edition

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(So before I even begin, I’ll just preface with the fact that I know this game has been out since 2003, but I only heard of it recently. Nuts to you if you already know about it. As with any bandwagon, I am always one of the last to hop on.)

So last Thursday or Friday or whatever it was, I was bored. It happens. I had my Simpsons DVD playing through in the background and a glass a red wine in my hand, but I wanted something more. I proceeded to go on the prowl for entertainment.

“I’m bored,” I whined to my friend. In an effort to quickly get rid of me, he linked me to a game called “Kingdom of Loathing,” (or KoL) a browser-based multiplayer role-playing game. On the home page were little drawings of stick figures. Adorable.

Now, knowing that I am predisposed to online-game addiction, I decided to tread lightly. I tentatively made a “Disco Bandit” (one of six classes that also includes “Sea Clubber” and “Pastamancer”) and start my adventuring in this crudely drawn kingdom.

That's-a me

Verdict: Oh, you guys, it’s just ridiculously fun and funny. The puns! There’s a place called “Degrassi Knoll” which I can appreciate as someone who knows both American history AND Canadian teenage television dramas! Something for everyone!

And you only have a limited number of “adventures” you can use a day, so addiction is more or less successfully warded off. Sure, you’re supposed to advance the story line by doing quests or whatever, but, for me, it’s all about the journey, man.

By far, my favorite place to spend adventures is the Haiku Dungeon, where a battle can go something like this:

A slacker in black,

he dropped out of ninja school.

He’s deadly… sort of.

Before you’re ready

The fiend starts beating on you.

So much for sneaking.

Wind through the bamboo

Cherry blossoms slowly fall

He fails to attack.

Now I’d love to try and sell you guys more on the game, but I’ve got more adventures to spend. However, I will close with this victory haiku:

Know what time it is?

Time for a victory dance!

And the winner is you.

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  1. Man, I think “Degrassi Knoll” sold me.

    Comment by Durandal — November 12, 2010 @ 4:55 pm

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