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November 29, 2010

Arcen Games Massive 60% Off Sale!

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So, I haven’t actually posted about one of my favorite new games, AI War.

It is, without a doubt, a game that I will play for the better part of a decade. It is engaging, strategically interesting, and offers a ridiculous amount and variety of content that manages to actually add to instead of simply cluttering the experience. It’s truly a gem, the equal-but-opposite of Super Meat Boy in that it takes the reasonably complicated nature of the modern RTS and instead of trimming the fat, adds tons and tons of amazing new meat that is so delicious you need to eat it because oh man it’s so cool.

Sorry, Thanksgiving leftovers on the mind.

But I’m not posting a huge rant about AI War just yet. I’m posting to say that Arcen Games, the people behind this ridiculously wonderful piece of software, are offering all of their stuff for 60% off. You can purchase (spectacular beautiful fun wonderful) AI War and the extensive expansions, as well as their intriguing puzzler Tidalis for a combined $20. If you’re a big old wuss-pants cheapo jerkface, you can just pick up AI War for $8 or Tidalis for $4.

Both of their games easily integrate with Steam and have achievements, are DRM free, and are excellent. Give them your money, you jerks. I want them flush with cash and making new games. Give them all of your money or I will never ever speak to you again without berating you.

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