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December 13, 2010


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Thoooor thorthorthorthorthor

The new trailer for Thor confirms what I always suspected: Thor!

Seriously dudes, this will be spectacular. It is a bit funny that the official accent of Asgard seems to be “whatever, british-ish?”, but it looks pretty sweet and for a brief moment Hogun the Grim is visible, so that’s pretty awesome. The Destroyer Armor is classic big bad-guy stuff, too. Hopefully they do some fight choreography in this one that’s actually interesting though. The oddest part about other big-name Marvel Movies is how little action there is. They’re based on a genre that trends towards one fight sequence per panel, and yet the Iron Man movies have a combined half-hour of him punching stuff.


Speaking of Thor: if you’d like to read more about the sweet viking god super-hero, look no further than Thor: The Mighty Avenger!

It’s a fun, action-packed, and funny book. I’ve not read anything else Roger Landridge has written, but I will now. It’s also got some spectacular art in it thanks to Chris Samnee:

Thor totally kicking a heart patient's ass!

If I were you, and thank Thor I am not, but if I were I would grab the trade paperback collections of this stuff, because it is straight gold. It’s basically a non-seriousface version of the events of the movie, and the myth. Thor is a dick, gets cast down to Earth, learns to love and fight totally awesome super-villains and such. It’s easy to jump into with no knowledge of the Marvel universe, and each issue contains at least one bit where Thor beats the holy hell out of someone, half the time discovering that it was all a mixup and apologizing but everyone’s okay with that because hey it is Thor if he doesn’t hit you in your teeth at least once he doesn’t respect you.


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