Trouble Thinking

December 21, 2010


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Murderbullets is a cool and completely NSFW comic by James Stokoe, whose work I’ve previously linked. Apparently, it was planned as a longer ongoing, but Orc Stain stepped in and took up all his time.

The bulk of this was done sometime between Wonton Soup 2 and Orc Stain, starting out as a entry for an anthology. The theme of the anthology was “The last comic you would ever draw”, so I took it rather literally and did 8 pages of a cracked out character drawing a book in a post apocalyptic wasteland that would grant him entry into the afterlife. Also, for some reason a moose was chained to his toilet. I got wrapped up in figuring out how this situation came to be and developed an elaborate back story involving time travelling, mutants, knife fights and cybernetic dolphin street gangs. Of course none of this would fit into an anthology, so I decided to take a stab at a full length book.

The guy makes really really neat looking comics, and I’d say it’s well worth checking out just for the art.

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