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January 3, 2011

Harry S. Plinkett Reviews Revenge of the Sith!

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So, the Plinkett Review of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith is up!

What’s that? No idea what I’m talking about? God. New Year, new I’ve always been disappointed in you. The Plinkett Reviews are incredibly long, detailed, and hilarious reviews of the prequel Star Wars trilogies, as well as the Next Generation Star Trek movies. He also did a short one of Avatar. And when I say long, I mean it. The newest one clocks in at 110 minutes, or longer than the last actual movie I saw.

So who in their right minds would dedicate that much time to watching a movie review? Well, first of all you need to understand that the prequel trilogy is a slap in the face from which my dignity will never recover. Seeing the movies tarred and feathered for a grand total of about 5 hours is only barely the recompense I desire.

The other reason is that the reviews comprise a reasonably detailed lesson in film studies. By taking the time to piece together every tiny little thing the prequel trilogy did wrong, the Plinkett reviews give you some idea of what a movie needs in order to have some chance of being good. For instance, from the Episode 1 review I learned that it is traditional to have “a protagonist.” They’re also really, really funny if you’re into complaining about things.

Good stuff, give it a watch. Except Chris, Chris you can’t watch this it’s too good for you.

I should note that it’s totally not safe for work due to some um… well, you should see for yourself. At home!

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