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January 17, 2011

I’ve A Horse Outside

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So I was made aware of this by an article posted to the internet remnants of the failed humor magazine “Cracked”, and I really really enjoyed the hell out of it.

It is a music video by Irish comedians “The Rubberbandits” about having a completely bitching horse.

It has, apparently, been seen by about 5 million people already, because it came out a while ago and is actually at the top of the Irish charts. But I figure the odds that anyone who regularly checks Trouble Thinking is able to find a thing that is good before I do are incredibly low. That is why I am here for you.

Connected to the video is this radio show excerpt where one of the Rubberbandits discusses the concept of “satire” with some enormous horse’s ass who cannot understand that when one of the creepy-looking thuggish antagonists in the video expresses the sentiment that you should drink and do drugs in front of your children, he is not meant to be emulated. Some people need their hands held.

As Gladstone mentions, it’s a pretty impressive display of satire that manages to be equal parts insulting, funny, and uplifting. Plus, the song is actually a surprisingly singable bit of pop.

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