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February 23, 2011

Interstellar Marines

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So I noticed the post Geo made about Infinity, and it reminded me of another interesting “AAA Indie” project with some fancy looking technology behind it.

Interstellar Marines, besides attempting to win “Most no-shit title of ever”, is a pretty well-crafted shooter without much fluff. The gun is nice, the shooting involves pointing, clicking, and seeing things blow up. The part that’s interesting about it is that it’s surprisingly nice looking, and is being published via a reasonably interesting system. Rather than take pre-orders and give access to a beta when the full game is in a more final form, the developers are giving out free “content slices” that show off some small part of the gameplay if you sign up for their website. They get some numbers on how many people are interested, and you get to try out the game. Oh! Also impressive: the content slices work in your browser. And it works really well! The graphics manage to be pretty impressive while operating in what I imagine is the most constrained format possible.

The future plans for the game sound pretty interesting:

RPG Mechanics

In the game the characters will enter the solar system as rookies, but during the progression of the game all gradually become more and more experienced as the story unfolds. With experience comes new skills and abilities as well as access to new and better weaponry, and it is now all up to each player how they want to build and equip their Marine.

Create a stealthy medic with hacking skills, a heavy armored sniper with explosives or maybe an officer with excellent strategic abilities and a minigun?

It is all up to the player to decide.

When the hunter becomes the hunted ...

Just like the character is growing and taking shape by gaining skills during the course of the game, so are the weapons of the marine. In a somewhat similar way to traditional RPG character progression we also wanted the players to be able to “personalize” their weaponry and equipment.

As an Interstellar Marine moves up in rank, he gets to choose more and more weapons and weapon utilities from the vast armory of the IM corps and is now able to freely customize his guns and items. If you pick an assault rifle you could choose to improve it with the shotgun extension and hollow point bullets or perhaps a silencer, piercing rounds and a scope?


In Interstellar Marines you will have the option of teaming up with up to three of your friends and play through the game in co-operative mode (co-op). From the very beginning of designing this game, we knew we wanted co-op to be a core element and because of that we have shaped all of the other features to enhance the co-operative game play.

To the machine thingy!!!!111

The skill system will give players a vast number of options for all kinds of team play and all of the levels of IM has been designed with the clear focus of supporting co-op game play. Even the story line is written with multiple protagonists in focus so that all players in a group will have their unique place and doing in the upcoming epic saga.

Of course there is always the option of playing on your own, but should you choose to invite some friends to a game (or find some new ones on-line) a whole new challenge awaits you and your band of elite soldiers.

Open-Ended Levels

we constructed the game in such a way that there are always several ways to achieve the main objectives/complete the levels and players will have the option of using brute force, stealth tactics and/or make use of the various skills as a mean to successfully clear a mission.However not only should players be able to explore the areas of the game freely, we also wished for the levels to be as dynamic as possible, so that the game would stay fresh and exciting even when you came back for the fifth or sixth time. The cool thing about a dynamic environment is that it allows for tactical choices, and the player should consider the effects of shutting down the lights, turning on the sprinklers and how the enemy AI will react to such changes in the environment.

To add to the re-playability all levels are non-scripted and the various “inhabitants” of a location will have a life of their own (guards patrolling, scientists working, crew personnel cleaning, etc) until the players intervene one way or the other, so there are no monsters jumping out of the closet when players step on that exact trigger on the floor.

For right now, you can sign up for the content slices and try a little viewing gallery (yes, there are land-sharks), a shooting range with little pop-up targets, and a series of gun battles against simulator robots. If you really like those slices, you can pay a bit of cash to get the trilogy later, and some perks now.

You should go and give it a try! It seems like it might shape up to be something interesting, and I’m always a fan of rewarding ambitious indie developers.

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