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March 4, 2011

Student Finds FBI Tracking Device on His Car, “Don’t worry, you’re boring.”

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So this is a kind of insane story. Via Wired:

Some kid in California went to a mechanic, and the mechanic noticed a weird out of place wire sticking out of the undercarriage. Looking into it, he found this thing attached to the bottom of the car with magnets:

After his two stoner roommates claimed they could hear some sort of ticking or something, he decided he might as well post a picture to Reddit asking if it was a pipe bomb.

You know, like you do.

Anyways, they told him it was actually a GPS tracker sold exclusively to law enforcement!

He was subsequently visited by the FBI and told not to bother contacting a lawyer or anything, because he’s boring and they totally don’t care about him.

“We have all the information we needed,” they told him. “You don’t need to call your lawyer. Don’t worry, you’re boring. “

No worries about the whole massive invasion of privacy and violation of basic civil rights! We cool, dog!

Anyways, he spoke to the ACLU, and hopefully they’ll be able to use this as a bit of a club to force warrantless everything to stop being accepted SOP for law enforcement when they get lazy.

Apparently, this came about because he’s the son of an Egyptian community organizer combined with a recent Supreme Court ruling that it was legal to place a tracking device on a suspect’s car even if it was parked privately. Why being the son of a community organizer is suspect, who knows?
No word yet on how this will affect Spider-Man, whom we have on good authority is a menace, and his nefarious Spider-Tracers.


  1. There is a bit more info on apparently why they started tracking him in this post.

    Comment by Logan — March 5, 2011 @ 11:37 am

  2. Hunh, that is interesting. And creepy. The government keeps tabs on fucking comment threads?

    And Christ, he even jokes about being bugged. I hope the lawsuit goes through.

    Comment by Durandal — March 5, 2011 @ 12:50 pm

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