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March 11, 2011


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So, I just caught this on RockPaperShotgun, and it looks sweeeeeet.

I love giant bipedal robots. I know they’re pretty damn silly but holy shit, they’re so cool. Oddly, almost no games in the modern era have had them, or at least decent versions. I mean what, Armored Core? That was a yawnfest. I want giant robots with sweet create-your-own shit and also boom boom boom boom.

I don’t know from the ability to create your own robot, but holy shit does indie studio Adhesive Games seem to have brought the booms quite effectively. It’s completely pretty, it’s got massive death-dealing robots that have jetpacks… and even better it’s a whole in-robot HUD look (that you can see briefly at the end of the trailer) that I love.

The trailer shows robots that move a little jumpy, but that is because it is not bullshit. It’s actual footage of actual people playing a real game through an observer, and although it’s a little bit weirdly animated, I appreciate the honesty.

And in fact, checking the developer site:

Yes, there is choppiness in the mech locations in the video, but it’s because it was captured in slow motion with a spectator camera from demos recorded from network games. Actual network play looks okay.

I am so fucking excited for this. I love that indie games are starting to actually punch in the same weight class as AAA ones, frequently filling in niche gaps that are being ignored by the current development generation. Little is known about the game for now, but here’s hoping for an actual release window soon. They do mention that they hope to make it a downloadable title on PS3/360/PC released for reasonably cheap. And! It’s not just going to be Deathmatch, there are “Two unique game modes”, whatever that might mean.



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