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March 16, 2011

PAX East: Brink

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So, I’ll say this right now: my friends were dead goddamn weight at this event.

“OOOOooooohhhh” they said “ooooh we don’t want to wait something like an hour or more in order to play a game we’ve never heard of just because you want to give it a shot.”


Also, they were shitty photographers.

So, I didn’t actually get to enjoy the sheer splendor of playing Brink (scheduled for May 20th 2011 release, developed by Splash Damage) for real. I was relegated to peering over shoulders like some sort of street urchin. That said, it looked really nice. I love the art style, I liked the way the game looked in motion, and I liked that people seemed to pick it up pretty quick. People had 20 minutes to play, and most of them managed to get decent in that amount of time.

In honor of my look-but-don’t-play experience, I will treat you loyal readers to a bunch of Brink footage that’s come out since the last time I mentioned the game.

First off, a trailer emphasizing the cool stuff you can do as different classes:

The character customization is really quite crazy. Unnecessarily so. But I love giant elaborate character customization systems so that is just gravy.

Annnd here’s something nifty with a bunch of the guns featured in the game:

Honestly though, you know what excites me most about this game? I’ve heard characters with like a dozen accents. It fits the setting, it’s an under-appreciated aspect of customizing a character, and it’s just neat.

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