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March 28, 2011

Rock of Ages is a Fun Looking Game

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So there’s finally more information about the next game from the creators of Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages!

I’ve been pretty excited about it for a while, if only because the art design in Zeno Clash was worth the price of admission, and the idea of them taking on a simpler game with similar attention to art design interests me. Zeno Clash was certainly interesting and ambitious, but it was only partly a success in terms of actual fun gameplay, what with a lot of repetition and a cool but slightly wonky combat system. This looks to be a weirder, more puzzle-oriented affair that will be more amenable to repeat visits.

Basically, it’s a game in which you set up defenses to stop a giant boulder from rolling into your castle, and also try to roll a giant boulder into a castle that has set up defenses around itself. It’s got a variety of other modes of varying levels of fun-looking, too! It seems like a mix between those games where you roll a marble down a circuitous path, and well tower defense games. Plus, it’s got a weird unnecessary art-history theme. I like it! Here’s the official explanatory poster:

Gametrailers has recently posted a few cool preview videos here, including an interesting 10-minute walkthrough of a “Tower Offense” match. But I can’t embed because apparently WordPress sucks. Instead, I’ll let you see the trailer and then go watch that movie on your own if you’re smart enough to find it really interesting.

And I guess because you’ve been good, here’s another video with a bit of the two-player game mode where you take turns defending and attacking.

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