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April 5, 2011

The Iconoclasts: Awesome Sort-of-Demo Indie Platformer from Konjak

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If you like games that involving making a little person jump on stuff and explore boy do I have news for you!

Konjak, developer of sometimes-finished but always beautiful games has created a completely free Metroidvania for your enjoyment and it’s amazing! Now I have bad news: it’s basically like 5% finished, and he’s just releasing it freeware and moving on. You can donate to him in an effort to convince the fool to finish this masterpiece, or you could even buy his rather fun beat-em-up “Noitu Love 2” for $10.

It sucks that it’s basically just a tease, but man it is a fun one.

The map design is a bit more straightforward than most games of this sort, but the mechanics pile up on themselves like it’s a race. Charge shots, ledge-jumps, hook-jumps, upgrades, armored foes, boss fights, two-person-control, it’s really kind of excellent. It also looks incredible and plays with a really nice solid-feeling control that I love. Never a missed jump if you know what you’re doing.

So pick it up! You can download a copy here. It takes like an hour or so to play and it’s totally worth it. It ends at a thing that messes up and then you can’t move any further so that’s sad but otherwise man it was just peachy keen. Great music too!


Also check out the equally short, but complete, Legend of Princess fan-game. It’s a fun little sort of riff on what a cooler side-scrolling Zelda would look like.

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