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April 15, 2011

Donald Trump Pulls Ahead In Polls, Seriously.

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So according to a recent report by Public Policy Polling (available here in PDF form) Donald Trump is the current front runner for the Republican primary.

Donald Trump. A man who lost money on a casino. A man more famous for shitty hairpieces than intellect, integrity, or even a bare minimum of business acumen.

The most interesting aspect of that poll is probably the response to the question “Would you be willing or unwilling to support a candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination who firmly stated they believed Barack Obama was born in the United States?”

23% of Republican primary voters percent said no.

Only 38% said yes.

Now, it’s not that these people who said no actually believe that our president wasn’t born in the US. No, they just want to make it clear that stating anything nice about our president, regardless of whether it is factual, is not allowed. “Would you vote for a person who said President Obama was definitely not a Skrull?” would have the same layout of responses.

I just… I know that we like to hate on people, obviously. I had great fun hating on President Bush back in the day. Hating our president is one of the pleasures of being a US citizen. People in other countries routinely forget they even have heads of government because they’re boring.  But at a certain point it’s just a different, less useful conversation. You’re not saying “I hate the president because he does/does not/will/will not do this” so much as you’re saying “I hate the president, and to indicate how much I hate him I’ll say he does this”. You may as well just take a picture of yourself scowling and attach it to the poll.

I hate when people refer to these polls and act like they represent actual opinions. “In other news, 45% of children will literally die if you try to give them any more vegetables. That’s a shocking figure, Tom.”

This is an indicator that Trump’s success will be short lived, though. This pre-pre-pre-polling is an opportunity for people who are extremely supportive the Republican party to express how sincere they are in their belief that the current administration is bad, rather than offer any sort of actual opinions. Trump gets to ride this wave because he’s not actually playing to win. Can a person claiming the sitting president is a secret Kenyan and suggesting we make our foreign policy consist of saying “hey, how about we maybe break your legs” to our allies win the general? Obviously not. We’re a weird country, not a completely insane one. But in the pre-election fervor, it’s a ticket to stardom. Because pre-election isn’t about what we want, it’s about how sincere we are. And in general, we prize loyalty and sincerity over you know, saying true things.

I can’t wait until things calm down and everyone just says that the President “comes from a different upbringing”.

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