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May 4, 2011

On The Brink: SMARTen Up!

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Okay, I got that title out of my system. I’m sorry.
Anyways, I actually pre-ordered this game that I’ve been crowing about for going on 8 months. Brink! It comes out next week, Tuesday the 10th to be exact!

There's something adorable about this big lug. I think it's the ears.

Brink looks pretty dang fun. It is a Team Objective First Person Shooter. Basically, it’s an FPS you play with friends, and your goal is slightly more complex than “go forward, murder”. You basically have an overarching goal to achieve, and little things to do on the way to it. Your big goal may be: prevent terrorists from releasing a viral weapon. Your little goals are like: break down this door, protect this bomb-defusal robot, etc.

Of course, the complicating factor is that you’re being constantly shot at by people with equal and opposite goals! It’s a really fun time, and I’m a bigger fan of this sort of shooty game than I am the standard deathmatch. It lets you play a short story instead of a… well, I guess a short but insanely boring story that is basically “shootshootshootshoot”.

Brink seems really dedicated to being a refinement of this sort of gameplay, with a lot of incentives to play as a team and pay attention and stick around. Plus, the single-player is pretty much supposed to be a separate and coherent gameplay experience scaffolded by some decent AI teammates. I do think it seems like it’ll be very much focused on multiplayer, but the idea is that they’re hoping you could have every single person drop out of a game besides you and not really notice that bots have taken up the slack and you’re now playing single-player.

Anyways! All that basically is just me saying: if I like Brink, all of you fuckers had better buy it and play with me because I’m awesome and shut up I don’t need you I don’t even want you to play you can’t buy it I hate you.

That went to a dark place, here are some videos describing aspects of the game that I think are really neat while I think about where we can go from here to rebuild the trust we once shared:

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