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May 9, 2011

SpaceChem is Half-Off on Steam!

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SpaceChem is half off on Steam.

I cannot overstate the importance of this fact. SpaceChem is currently the number-one best regarded puzzle game in the world according to “Durandal Is Correct Weekly” which is a self-published magazine companion to this blog that I force into the hands of my co-contributors each and every day.

In all seriousness: SpaceChem is great, and it now costs less than what you paid for your lunch today. And let’s be honest: your lunch wasn’t that great. It was pretty shit, actually. You only go there because it’s near work and you’re only given a half-hour for lunch because this is fucking bullshit. My lunch today was awesome, though.

You could go back and read my post on SpaceChem to see why it’s great, but let’s both just be honest for a minute and admit that you’re far too flawed a person to actually do that. I’m going to repeat a short version of the wonders of this game here instead!

-Unique solutions to every puzzle: you don’t just stumble around looking for the one right way to do things like you do in shitty puzzle games like Portal 2 or … another game everyone likes! Edgy.

-A cute little story: Okay it’s not the greatest thing in the entire world, but it’s fun to read!

-Awesome, awesome puzzle mechanics: Creating a working manufacturing facility in miniature is brain-teasing, fun, and you can actually feel it making you smarter!

-It’s just great: just great! Seriously, guys.

So, go buy it. Zachotronics deserves your money.
While you’re downloading it, watch this man talk about it! He talks for 8 minutes and you can depend on that.

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