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June 10, 2011

Commission a $20 Sketch to Help Girl Who Was Sexually Assaulted, Then Told To Cheer Attacker

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This is Via Comics Alliance. Apparently a 16 year-old cheerleader from Silsbee High in Texas claims she was raped by a football/basketball star in 2008.

From the linked article in Ms.:

This really isn’t a he said/she said story. Two students outside the pool room–Patrick Steed and Richard Garrett –heard Hillaire say “Stop!” Unable to open the locked door, they retrieved Jacob Riley from another room. Riley again heard Hillaire say “stop,” so they broke through the door, only to find that three of the four athletes had fled through the window, breaking it in the process. The one young man who stayed behind told police, “I know I did not do anything so I didn’t run.”

Derek, one of the football players who fled, confirmed Hillaire’s account of the incident. He said that his teammate Christian Rountree “was holding her and was trying to talk her into coming in [to the pool room], so when they went back in I just followed.” At one point, he says, Bolton told the others to leave the room for five minutes. “We act [sic] like we left but we just hid under the pool table.” Then “Rakheem layed [sic] her on the floor and started to have sex and she start [sic] saying ‘stop.’ So Rakheem stopped.”

When the rescuers burst in, they found Hillaire lying partially under the pool table, half-clothed and crying. Said Patrick Steed, “All she had on was her black bra. She rolled over and reached for her clothes that were under the pool table. She was crying and appeared upset.” Garrett added to police, “I believed Hillaire had been raped.”

He was allowed to play after being accused, and no disciplinary action was taken by the school in the immediate aftermath. The young woman then decided that she would, if he was going to be allowed back on the teams, not cheer specifically for him during a free throw. Not the team, she was okay with that, just not shouting “put it in” at the person she says raped her. A really way more than generous thing to do in this situation. So obviously, the school told her to stop making waves, stop going to the lunchroom and not attend homecoming. Also, they threw her off the cheerleading squad. When she went to court, they won. Now she’s been ordered to pay $45,000 in legal fees to the school. Oh, and the man accused of raping her was let off with a misdemeanor and a suspended sentence. Also known as “not actually suffering a single consequence”.

People in the town have decided that she was probably just being a slut and she should be ashamed for being such an awful person and going and getting herself raped. This is actually a quote:

She had no shame. … She never seemed upset. She acted like it was no big deal. … I wouldn’t have told people what happened. … I wouldn’t have openly said, ‘This is what happened, blah, blah, blah.’

Yeah! I would have been way more demure when discussing the man who forced me to have sex with him. I would have covered my face with a handkerchief or something at a minimum.

So, there’s an illustrator, Jason Ho, who decided that sounded cosmically terrible for a young person to go through, and has decided to try to help out with those fees. Because he’s an illustrator, he’s decided to do so by putting up $20 commissions and donating the money he makes to her family. So that’s a decent reason to grab some original art of whatever thing you’re into, I would think.

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