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June 21, 2011

Cupcakes For Breakfast: Awesome

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I just found myself entranced by the idea of this Instructable:

Look at that. Delicious.

It’s a Breakfast Cupcake: Espresso chocolate, with a waffle and caramelized bacon topper.

If we could just manage to figure out the Lunch and Dinner cupcakes, we could start having the best days in the history of humanity. The cupcake days.

Seriously though having now tried one I can tell you they taste awesome, the bacon really goes with the cupcake. Plus, they get you a bit of a coffee buzz, which is lovely. You should make your own! You can’t have any of mine, I don’t have any extras. Get out of here! GO!

Go, and make as many as you can!

Also noticed: the Instructables site is a bit shit. I get that they need to monetize content a bit, but man do I hate “pay for this and you’ll get what you probably assumed was the basics” services. Really? I get to see all the steps on one page if I subscribe? Oh be still my fucking heart.

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