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June 22, 2011

New Music Time!

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I’m pretty sure my taste in music is awful, it’s just this gnawing in the back of my mind that tells me I’m listening to the horrible fourth-string ripoff of something that was passe 20 years ago.  Listening to music comes with a field of sonic regret briefly aligning waveforms to take the form of an unimpressed baby-boomer.

But I found a solution! Well, two solutions. One is realizing that all of you are so much fucking worse. I mean really, you guys. Jeez. No one is into Hanson anymore, that’s so 2009. The second part of the solution is listening to dinky local stations that play weird unpopular stuff. The one music rule I know is if I’ve heard of something before you, I am the winner.

So here’s a couple of songs I think are pretty fun from a band I think I’m now into called “The Parting Gifts“.

“Bound to Let Me Down” sounds pretty similar to early-ish Beatles stuff, it’s neat.

“Sleepy City” is upbeat and folksy and doesn’t overstay its welcome so that’s nice!

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