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July 1, 2011

Steam Summer Sale! Get On With It!

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So, the magical time of the year has come again: Steam is having a massive summer sale!

Stuff you should buy that is currently in the deep discount “Featured” section:

Just Cause 2



Stuff you should definitely not buy:

Dungeons – not even going to link this. Just don’t bother with it.

Don’t care:

Total War: Shogun 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Grand Theft Auto Classics

Hamilton’s Great Adventure

Might and Magic Heroes V

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Train Simulators:

Railworks 2: Train Simulator

Now, some of you are probably people who either do not play a lot of games or do not think you want any right now. You know, assholes. You people should just buy a lot of gifts for your better, more attractive friends. If you buy a gift, and then e-mail it to yourself, you should be able to just forward said e-mail to your friend at a later date. The sale is a decent time to pick up deeply discounted Christmas/birthday gifts if you feel like it. If you know me, buy me all the games. I deserve all the games, so get me all of them.

If you’re interested in getting games and also a good person, this might still be your first time! Either you have just recently installed Steam or you’ve never paid a lot of mind to the store. Here is the only important lesson: do not buy anything that is not a featured deal until the final day of the sale. Games that are currently 50% off are occassionally 75% off for a single day when they are a featured item. If you wait it out until the last day of the sale, you may get a much better deal. Conversely, if a game you’d like to get is a featured deal you’re probably not going to do any better for the duration of the sale. Either buy it or put it out of your mind.

Note also that almost the entire catalog is on sale at the moment. Not everything is a huge discount, but not every huge discount will be featured on the front page. Got a thing you’ve wanted for a while? Search the store and you may find it’s $2.50 now. Oh! Also, there are huge Developer/Publisher packs that give huge discounts on a whole swathe of games. If, for instance, you haven’t bought much of THQ’s catalog but you’re interested in them? Maybe you had a crap computer for the past few years? Well, now you can get most of their modern games for a grand total of $50 and a savings of something like $250.

There’s also a little contest thing going on where they give you a ticket for getting achievements in certain games. But there are 100 winners, and 6,000,000 Steam customers. You’re better off not buying a game, even a cheap one, for the shittiest lottery. Just play what you like and if you can do one of the little achievements, go for it. Note that you can also get these any day, they just unlock on the one listed.

That’s all you need to know for right now, you pack of ingrates! I’ll try to keep TroubleThinking updated with the latest deals.

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