Trouble Thinking

July 6, 2011

Steam! Steam Steam Steam! Sale Sale Sale!

Another day, another

Group of things you need to purchase

King’s Bounty pack: For $5 you’ll get truly a larger portion of game than any human actually needs. It does get a bit samey, and I recommend taking breaks (and not doing it on the highest difficulty level) in order to maintain interest. But you really will not find a more fun little strategy RPG/Puzzler that provides you with this level and scope of entertainment

-Far Cry Franchise: I’ve had about a dozen hours of honest to goodness fun with Far Cry 1, and Far Cry 1 and 2 being only $7.50, I can heartily recommend you buy both.

-Batman: Arkham Asylum: Why do you not already have this?

-Atom Zombie Smasher: Tough little puzzle game, not for everyone. Try the demo, I think it’s more than worth $3. It may even be worth $5.

-Left 4 Dead 1/2: Seriously though, why do you not already have this?

-Jamestown: I am honestly willing to recommend this if only for the line “set on 17th-century British Colonial Mars”, plus it has 4-player local co-op. It’s a vertically scrolling shooter and it looks pretty and has been well reviewed. I think it’s something you should watch the movie for and then buy.

Group of things you can purchase if you insist but I’ll have no part of it:

-Killing Floor: It’s not that it’s a bad multiplayer experience, I just haven’t found anyone who’s willing to play it over Left 4 Dead.

-Prototype: I had a lot of fun with it, but I honestly can’t recommend a thing you could probably find it for 360 at like $2.

-Grand Theft Auto IV + Episodes: I’m not saying it’s not a good price, I’m just saying stick this $10 into a box labelled “Saint’s Row: The Third” and have a hell of a lot more fun.

-Lost Planet 2: Seems like it could be fun with friends, but let’s be honest: none of your friends own this, do they?

Group of things you must not buy:

-Arcania: Gothic 4: I just… I played the demo and it was the most boring thing. Maybe it gets better later, but do you have that kind of time?

-The Sims 3: Some people love this game, these people are people who love the wrong game. The Sims is not a thing you should spend lots of time playing.

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