Trouble Thinking

July 7, 2011

Steam Summer Sale: I’ve Run Out Of Titles

Hmph, today is less interesting but I still

Know what you need:

-Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: It’s not really a Tomb Raider game, but it’s probably the most fun I’ve had in a twin-stick shooter, and it’s a great quick paced puzzle game. It’s incredibly well put together. I would say that for $3.74 it is absolutely more than worth it for single-player alone. Co-op is also super fun, but the levels change in order to accommodate either type of play.

-Audiosurf: Unique game that uses your music to populate the playing area, totally worth the money at this price if only for novelty value. Wonderful way to explore your music collection

Know that I don’t even know about these

-Rift: It’s an MMO, I just dont’ care.

-Risen: I have no idea whether it’s good or bad. Is $10 cheap enough for you? I got The Witcher 2 early in the sale, so I’m set for RPGs right now.

-Cities XL: So… Sim City? I guess? I don’t know, looks kind of bland.

-Sanctum: Mixed reviews, but could be fun and is also super cheap.

-Company of Heroes: I liked it a lot years ago, and for $2.50 it’s probably still the best looking RTS out there, but the DRM has gone from annoying to Super Annoying recently.

Know that these things are pretty crappy

-Quake: Yes, yeah. You could buy this ancient FPS if you are some kind of time traveller. Or we could just acknowledge that everyone has already played it and memories don’t cost money.

-Command and Conquer 4: I grew up on Command and Conquer, back when it wasn’t the worst RTS available for purchase.

-Counter Strike: Source: Haha you can’t fool me. There isn’t anyone who wants this who doesn’t already own it.

-Dead Rising 2: It’s not that it isn’t good, it’s just only 50% off. Come on, Capcom

-Street Fighter IV: Also only 50% off, only it’s been rendered obsolete by a new version and the PC community is vanishingly small. You need to be on an actual Street Fighter IV that is keeping you alive for this to be worth it.

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