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July 27, 2011

Humble Indie Bundle 3! Get It While It’s $Whateveryoufrigginwant

So hey everyone, the newest Humble Indie Bundle is here!

You realize how bone-dumb you are if you haven’t gotten the previous ones, right? I mean look the average price paid is…  $4.73. So, just under 10% of the price that you would pay if you were buying the games individually.

And you know what’s awesome? That’s still a hell of a lot of money for the developers. Because let’s be honest, you were in no way planning on buying any of these games. The Indie Bundle has really been an amazingly positive thing for both the developers involved and the charitable organizations with which they’ve partnered. Hell, Amnesia: The Dark Descent developers Frictional Games have said that the first Indie Bundle essentially saved the studio.

So what do you get this time?

-VVVVVV: A truly spectacular little platformer/puzzler. You don’t jump in this game, you simply switch gravity either Up or Down. It’s a simple, intuitive, fun way to solve puzzles. There’s a lot to explore and the game just recently received a new update!

-And Yet It Moves: Another interesting little platformer/puzzler! It’s as though indie people love this format so much they want to marry it. Anyway, again playing with gravity, only in all 4 directions. Also instead of being about exploration, it’s linear.

-Hammerfight: I have no friggin clue. A fighting game? Okay it looks like yes it’s a fighting game where you fight as a little flying machine that flings around a bladed or blunt weapon to whack other flying machines. It’s played with just the mouse and has a neat little physics simulation thing going on so getting your mallet to whomp with the right force should be interesting. But most importantly the tag line is “Above all, the high art of fight”. God, I love Eastern Europe.

-Cogs: An interesting little twist on the traditional sliding-block puzzle. It starts with the standard 3×3 and moves on to 3D polygons covered in gears and valves and such that you need to reposition to create a mechanism. Seems fun!

-Crayon Physics Deluxe: A game where you create crayon drawings that move. It’s mostly an exercise in going “Ooooh haha check it out the dick I drew is totally pushing that cart”. Fun times.

So that’s that. Contribute to this laudable effort, make developers happy, help fund the EFF and Child’s Play, and make yourself happy with 5 frigging games at once for (you’d better pay at least) like $5. Buy things now!

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