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July 29, 2011

Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines $5 For The Weekend

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Vampire Colon The Masquerade Colon Bloodlines Implied Colon is a solidly interesting game. It’s a western RPG more in the tradition of Deus Ex than anything else, focusing on first person interaction with the world around you and a statistical underpinning to your fighty/sneaky/talky abilities. It’s essentially an FPS with the Vampire RPG system rolling in the background.

It’s notable for the amount of care and detail-oriented work done to ensure a mutable play experience. For instance, playing as “the ugly vampires” makes you actually unable to go out in public do to looking like a less composed Nosferatu. You spend a good portion of the game doing quests by plodding through sewer tunnels and popping up only when you’re safely away from prying eyes. It’s also got some great bits where you just kind of commiserate with the monster that’s been hunting the the townsfolk instead of killing it because well you’re also a monster that’s been hunting the townsfolk.

Much like Deus Ex, you could solve problems in a variety of ways depending on personal taste and ability. I tended to talk my way through things because I like to think I’m just such a clever boy. It had some pitfalls, in my experience. It has that old-game thing where every so often a trail will just stop cold and you’ll be left hugging the left wall making your way through the entire fucking hub area trying to figure out which person you need to click on in order to make shit go. It also is, for that matter, kind of an old game. It’s a bit ugly by default. Definitely not worth dropping $20 on, but absolutely worth checking out for the Steam Weekend Deal of $5.

Plus, it has a weirdly amazing community of modders behind it keeping things up-to-date. With the right selection, you can make it play like it came out this year. They’re up to patch 7.5 for goodness sake.

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