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August 5, 2011

Ultimate Spider-Man News!

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If you’re somehow both interested in Ultimate Spider-Man and yet not completely aware of everything happening to him you’re probably the shittiest comic book reader ever. It’s one book, man. Maybe you don’t really care. Maybe just walk away buddy.

But on the assumption that you’re the one person weird enough to want to know about the fate of the offshoot-universe Spider-Man but not read about it okay: Ultimate Universe Peter Parker is now dead. He wasn’t eaten by the Blob, though, so small favors. Now that he’s dead, another young man named Miles Morales has decided to take up the mantle of Spider-Man, having been inspired by the original. It’s likely an attempt to differentiate the Ultimate universe from the 616 or “main” Marvel Comics universe. The Ultimate line has basically been “Teen Superhero Retread Hour” for about 10 years. It was supposed to be a clean restart off in it’s own corner where anything could happen. Beyond a few superficial differences, not much interesting was altered. The biggest draw was Ultimate Spider-Man, written for almost a decade by the same man, Brian Michael Bendis. That’s an impressive thing for comics, which usually run through writers at the same rate as erasers. Now, he’s tossing the protagonist of his longest-running story and replacing him with someone completely fresh.

So, will this be a boon for the book, and indeed the stagnating Ultimate line? It’ll be interesting to see.

Oh! Also, loads of complete assholes are getting up in arms about the new Ultimate Spidey being biracial. Probably the best response is the Drudge Report’s headline:

Yes, Mr. Drudge. In the same sense all human beings you meet may be gay. (Via ComicsAlliance)

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