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August 6, 2011

Brink: Update! Agents of Change DLC Free Until The 17th, Free Weekend on Steam!

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So Brink, Brink Brink Brink.


Look I’m going to level with you. I had hours of fun. It’s a fun time when it works. But holy moly. They did not in any way prepare themselves for what an actual full retail product release would entail. They did some very interesting stuff, but you need to wake up quite early in the morning to get one over on Team Fortress 2.

But! They’ve decided to give the old girl a shot in the arm. If you’re intrigued by Brink, try it this weekend on Steam. It’s free until Sunday at 1 PM, and it’s half off until then as well. If you’ve already got it, or you purchase it before August 17th, you get the Agents of Change DLC free. Agents of change includes a bunch of new powers like the Napalm Grenade, the Pyro Mine, and the Field Regeneration Unit. There are also new weapon attachments, the Bayonet for close-quarters damage, and the Shield for preventing headshots. Finally, they put in two new maps. And all for free! So, awesome deal. I’m going to hop back on.

I really hope this revitalizes things a bit, I do love the concept and the things they’ve attempted, they just… they needed a bit of help.

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