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November 3, 2011

Occupy Oakland Stages General Strike, Seems Pretty Effective.

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It is my natural inclination to treat all protests as something that I’m far far too cool to bother with. Pish-tosh all these hippies pretending they’re changing the world. I’ll change the world right when I get around to it thank you very much.

But man, the Occupy protests have at the least changed the conversation, and sometimes they’re just straight-up impressive. Like when Oakland staged a General Strike yesterday and had a pretty impressive turnout.

Though the guy in the video, Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks, is occasionally silly. “We might see a Malcom X before a Martin Luther King”, as though Malcom X was fucking Magneto. I get his point about this being a protest that is fundamentally angry about the state of the world, but man do I hate that silly wink wink nod nod maybe we’re violent shit. The Tea Party did that almost to the exclusion of all other conversation, and it annoys me because it blocks out real discussion. “Oh we’re so angry we might… wellllll you know *wiiiiink*” followed by hurried denials that anyone meant anything by it because oh no no that would be uncouth and obviously we wouldn’t we just wanted to you know create the impression but it was a joke!

Just, if you’re going to light shit on fire say so and if you aren’t don’t use the hint that you may as a bargaining chip. It does nothing for you to play let’s pretend and it muddies the waters when you do want to calmly discuss policy changes.

But anyway that’s just this one talkative dude, the protest is pretty amazing to watch. I especially like the bit with the bank security guards cheering on the protesters.

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