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July 14, 2012

Steam Summer Sale 2012: Day 3

What to get, what to ignore? Listen to me, I’ll tell you … more!

-Tropico 4: Get Tropico 3 for $2.50 instead. Just about the same exact thing, fun little Sim City sort of game where you’re an island dictator. Good times! $7.50

-Two Worlds II: Silly name aside, I’ve heard good things about this game from a bunch of people. It seems solidly in “flawed gem” territory. Give it a go if you’ve either already played or can’t afford Skyrim. $7.50

-Frozen Synapse: Buy this game, buy it now. It’s great, interesting, very worth a shot. Simultaneous tactical turn-based combat is an underappreciated genre. $5

-Indie Bundle III: Well, if you’ve still not got braid, obviously. I also dig Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Runespell, Bunch of Heroes, and Bit.Trip Beat are also on offer, but I’ve not heard a ton about them, Runespell I think was eeeeh. Kind of seems like these packs always have a few duds. $10

-Skyrim: I’ve heard it’s good! If you’re into open-world RPG action, it’s the king at the moment. $30 is a bit steep during a big sale, but now’s the time to grab it if you want it, it won’t be lower than $30 for a long time.

-Dirt Showdown: I cannot comment at all on racing games. Sooo… do what you will. $25

-Borderlands: Great fun, good with friends, a bit samey and has both the best and the worst loot (I spent half the game with one gun, because it was the best gun I rolled all game), and the worst ending. But grabbing it and the expansions would be great if you’ve got some friends to play with. $5

-Orcs Must Die!: GET THIS. It’s an excellent tower-defense/action game that maintains a high level of fair challenge the entire way through, gives you reason to make use of all the tricks available, is nicely strategic, and the right side of funny. Great game, for $3.75 you’re an idiot if you don’t pick it up.

-Dead Island: I have heard it described as a solid dungeon-crawler with Zombies but… I mean I don’t know. I think it’s probably fine, this is just the game where we all decided Zombies were played out. Probably a bunch of fun if you still think Zombies are neat! $10

Flash Deal You Need:

Nah, not today. They’re all fine but not setting the world on fire.

October 5, 2011

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle! Lots of Games! Super Frigging Cheap! Geeeet It!

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So, hey. Humble goddamn BUNDLE. We all know what this means.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Buy this fucking thing. It’s $anything. It’s $anything. Don’t think about it, don’t hem and haw about how maybe you can’t afford any amount of money greater than or equal to $0.01.

At first, it was just a copy of Frozen Synapse (an excellent game, retailing for over $20 right now).

They then added a copy of the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, 5 more games. NOW IT HAS SPACECHEM. Do you understand? SpaceChem. The World’s Best Puzzle Game.

GEEEET THIS. Goddamn it I’m starting to hate you just because I can tell you’re reading this sentence instead of getting it. I hate you so much you agh I hate you. Buy it.

July 5, 2011

Steam Summer Sale Update 2!

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This one is a bit late, so if you’re reading this, immediatly


Frozen Synapse: awesome little tactical game with a surprisingly solid single player. Comes with a copy to gift to a friend!

Trine: cute puzzler for $2, worth it.

Mount and Blade: only buy Warband! It’s the most up-to-date one and on sale individually for cheaper today. This game is weird and entertaining as hell. A sort of mishmash of RPG, strategy, and nation-building. Includes the most accurate jousting this side of no other game involves jousting so you know.

Fallout: New Vegas. By all accounts, $15 will get you dozens of hours of very well regarded wasteland wandering adventure.




Serious Sam

Bionic Commando Rearmed


Alpha Protocol




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