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August 22, 2012

Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter Looks Really Neat

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If you’re already into games, you’ve probably checked it out by now, but for real it is worthwhile to give this a look:

Now, I actually never really got super into the Total Annihilation games, they felt a little bit more supply-chain focused than I found interesting. However, the concept of launching a goddamn asteroid at an enemy just appeals to me too frigging much.

As always I find the extra kickstarter stuff for paying more pretty silly, but the $20 level is perfectly cool for a preorder from a company like Uber Entertainment. They’ve got a solid handle on producing actual decent products. Plus, I like that the setting is a future of warring Von Neumann machines.

May 18, 2012

Grim Dawn Kickstarter: 11 Hours Left if You’re Interested.

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So I’ll keep this short on account of you not having much time: this one game by some of the people who made Titan Quest seems like Post-Apocalyptic Diablo, only a bit harder and they’re putting some effort into making it sort of a dynamic open world. They’re in the last legs of their Kickstarter, just going for a bunch of stretch goals to add content. Also, it’s completely DRM-free.

Look at their gameplay videos and see if you give a shit. It’s $18, which isn’t nothing but also doesn’t look too dang bad for a game that’s surprisingly pretty and polished. As always though remember: it’s a Kickstarter. You may be paying for shit you don’t like, and there’s no way to get money back. Be wary!

May 10, 2012

Interesting Interview With The Guy Behind an $8 Million Kickstarter for a Goddamn Watch.

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Okay I don’t like watches, I ain’t got a need for a watch. I keep time the way a real man does, the sun and the stars and the sweat on my brow.

BUT I will admit this watch looks kind of neat. It just boggles me that people kickstarted the living fuck out of a …. it’s just a watch! It’s a cool watch, a little wrist-puter watch, it’s customizable… but goddamn.

And I cannot help but feel intense, blinding envy of this little shitheel. I mean he’s 25! What did I accomplish by 25? I’ll never tell you. For real though, I guess I am glad that ideas that apparently have a huge market behind them can get off the ground via kickstarter. God damn, those guys are just cleaning up though. They do take something like 15% off the top, so they’re rolling in it. I should make a longer post on Kickstarter, but for now:

Meet Pebble Founder Eric Migicovsky, the 25-year behind the nearly 9 million dollar Kickstarter campaign, the largest ever. According to Eric, Pebble is THE watch of the 21st century, allowing it to connect to your Iphone as well as download different apps and watch interfaces. Eric talked with Shira about how Kickstarter gave them an opportunity, making something people want and how awesome the Pebble watch is.

What made you realize that the Pebble watch would be something people want?

“At the end of the day….make something people want. Before we launched our Kickstarter, we actually emailed the product to all my friends, my parents, my relatives and they all really like what we were making, so we had a pretty good feeling.”

What advantage did going on Kickstarter give you?

“Kickstarter is really cool because basically you can chat with the community, talk directly to the customer and find out what they want, what they are thinking, and impress them.”

Seriously though, 25. Fuck you, kid. We’re all thinking it, forever. Best of luck fuck you.

April 19, 2012

Things You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know About But You Totally Do

So hey, sometimes you think you’re done looking at things, reading things, listening to things, whatever. You figure you’ve put in your time and you don’t really need to pay attention to anything ever again. I get that, but I have to break your reverie. I have to shatter it with excellent things.

-James Stokoe, who I fucking adore, is doing a Godzilla comic. It’s worth checking out because well. Look at this goddamn incredible artwork:

James Stokoe's Godzilla

I want to rub it on my face, feel the texturessss

– You should read this cute, sweet comic called Sweet Thing by Melissa Duffy. It’s also got some murder and violence so you know, it’s still cool.

– The Abbadon is a great comic that is basically Sartre’s “No Exit” but like, an ongoing series. It’s interesting and pretty to look at and creepy, you’re going to like it! Also, totally NSFW.

– 4thLetter’s David Brothers continues to write the only articles about comics worth reading. Addressing “Before Watchmen”, he talks about the actual shit that actually matters with regards to this comic, and asks why the entire media devoted to comics contains about .5 critical examinations of what’s going on, and 20 billion “hey look at this art the DC PR department gave us!” posts

– The various and sundry Kickstarter campaigns that have been heating up, mostly for large projects by established teams, there’s an interesting new one: Grim Dawn‘s Kickstarter is another by, yep, an established team (the guys who made the generally beloved Titan Quest) making a new Action RPG just in time to again be sadly forgotten as Diablo erases everyone’s memories with eldritch magic. They’re asking for a paltry $280,000 because they’re essentially done with the project, they just want to make two free-time dudes full-time and maybe hire an animator so they can get this thing polished and out the door. It really looks lovely, a deserving entry into a field that’s usually lay kind of fallow between Diablos, even though it’s pretty fun. Check out their awesome preview movie, you can see some basically complete gameplay! They’ve got nice features, too. Like an open world that you unlock at whatever pace you choose, and NPC factions. I’m hoping for ARPG Stalker. Oh man now I’ve made myself sad because nothing can be that awesome.

– I’ve started to really enjoy the musical stylings of Dr. Dog:

– And these German 60’s pop stars:


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