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May 16, 2012

My Brother, My Brother and Me is a Great Comedy Podcast

So I’m a comedy fan. Like comedy, like laughing. But I never really bothered finding comedy podcasts because I am lazy and it always seemed like amateur hour, you know? If the professional goddamn comedians on SNL can manage to be that dire, I wasn’t interested in seeing what the dregs of the internet were producing in their spare time. The exception to this was always The Bugle on account of John Oliver being the cutest.

I don’t remember how I found My Brother, My Brother and Me but thank you whoever showed it to me. It’s so fucking good. I need to share it with you.

Here is how it works: the three McElroy brothers, Justin, Griffin, and Travis take questions from the audience and from the venerable and insane Yahoo Answers service and provide advice. Sometimes that advice is within the realm of usefulness, many times it is either physically impossible or grossly illegal. But it’s always very goddamn funny.

They manage to keep a good pace going throughout their hour-long episodes in large part due to a semi-formal system by which real honest-to-goodness questions are interspersed with a sprinkling of Yahoo Answers questions. This means that whenever some comedy bit is flagging they can always just pull out a question like “I think I am in love with a goose?” and get both an instant laugh and a new direction to take the discussion. The fact that there are three of them also helps, as any brother speaking is giving the other two a second to think of something interesting to say as well as providing goof ideas. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re just genuinely charming guys.

When they do attempt to actually for-real help people, the fact that it’s a comedy show first and foremost actually really helps out. They get to, for instance, just straight up laugh at people for asking shit like “My girlfriend is moving away and didn’t tell me, bad sign?” I mean they don’t just make fun of the guy, but as their remit is joke-making they get to really dig into the fact that for fuck’s sake yes that is a hilariously bad sign. Just give up, man. They’re friendly, but they aren’t your friends. They’re allowed to give you some amount of shit for the stupid questions you ask. And that’s not to say they’re always mean, either. They’re usually very understanding about shitty high-school situations or troubles with long-distance relationships or other genuinely annoying shit, with the overriding message being that it’ll probably all work out so let’s laugh a bit. They may not give the most considered answer to every serious question they get, but they’re usually able to act as a sanity check for questions that maybe people don’t feel comfortable asking friends and they get some jokery out of it at the same time to help the medicine go down.

They’re really funny dudes, and I feel like you’d be well served by checking out their stuff. With over 100 hours recorded, you could get a hell of a lot of mileage out of enjoying them! Here are a couple of sample tracks to test the waters:

The Sampler:

Cake Boss:

February 11, 2011

Computer Basically Dead

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So my trusty computer has given up the ghost for at least a little while. God willing it’s something simple like futzy RAM or maybe even just a virus, but it appears to have hit hard enough to prevent me from starting up until minimum Sunday.

With that in mind, I have a few tiny pieces of information to tide your sadly undernourished minds over until I get up and running or any of the other contributors figure out how to make the words appear on their Devil Box more than once per fucking millennium.

*The Bugle, a very funny podcast by Jon Oliver (of Daily Show fame) and Andy Zaltzman (of just now being mentioned fame) has been running for around 3 years now, and continues to be an excellent recounting of important events of the past week. Did you know, for instance, that Vladimir Putin once shot a whale with a crossbow? If you’d only listen this and other facts could be yours. The Times Online, in taking the bold decision to never allow anyone to read the Times Online ever again, has basically taken the site I used to use to listen to The Bugle off the air. If you find iTunes integration annoying, and still want to hear them, go to the Bugle Online Archive! Spartan, but effective.

*Skeptoid is an interesting site dedicated to a thorough examination of all things that cross the author’s mind. At times too thorough! But usually interesting and certainly a good idea in general.

*Assassin’s Creed 2: Brotherhood is really quite a fun thing to play. I finally got into the single-player and my only real complaint is that they don’t dump all the mechanisms in the world at once. By the time I actually got to recruit Assassisitants, I was already the Land Baron of Rome. That said, the sheer amount they toss at you once they do finally open up means that you’re never at a loss for a heaping helping of stuff to kill, buy, refurnish, talk to, jump about on, or look at. It’s really a great time! It’s weird in that really there are few points at which you’re in any danger of actual failure, but it’s so fun to succeed utterly and build everything up to 100% that you remain engaged. I also love that your little Tamagossassins, when fully equipped, have plate mail armor and battle axes. History would be so much more entertaining if political assassination had actually been carried out by madmen crashing into the room and lopping people’s heads off with giant axes.

Anyway, that’s it! I’ll be back when the computer is less on the fritz.

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