Trouble Thinking

About the Sexy Young Team of Intellectual Powerhouses

This is a place for intelligent and sexy young people to write things that other intelligent and sexy young people are interested in reading.

  • Durandal is a synthetic organism designed for one purpose: to understand the human mind in order to destroy it. His current project is to be so handsome that flesh-based organisms commit suicide out of sheer jealousy.
  • Callmegeo is a real-life rocket scientist and might also be Iron Man but he’s not telling. He apparently prefers to be called Geo! Call him that!
  • Chris is what Hemingway would be if he was too much of a wuss to kill himself. He’s also available, ladies. You would have to take him for walks and bathe him all by yourself though.
  • Persekore was born with the claws of a great jungle cat in place of hands! She has recently been outfitted with a typing prosthesis that allows her to communicate on the internet! The internet has announced plans to retaliate.
  • SrMeowMeow can be heard warbling by the moors at night if one listens close, child. Avoid him at all costs or share in his curse!
  • MrsOrange possesses the strange and troubling ability to see into the hearts of men, and some canines, and must write to exorcise the horror this knowledge inevitably brings!

All of the articles written on this blog have been confirmed to be completely accurate by no fewer than 13 international fact-checking agencies. If you take issue with any article in whole or in part, feel free to comment! You will still be inaccurate, but at least it will be on record.

Articles posted on Trouble Thinking are available in Hindi, Dutch, German, Mandarin, and Lowland Australian provided you speak English in addition to those languages.

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